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About Us ~  
Celebrating 14 Years!  
Organization Is A Good Thing...
Many years ago, as a student immersed in Multimedia at The University of the Arts, I found the need to keep all projects
neat and easily categorized. The personal benefits of DVD were just becoming recognized at that time, one of them
being video storage. The word spread quickly - within weeks I was referred to as "the one who can make you DVDs".
Over time my skills have been refined, and the art of creating higher quality DVD-Video discs became a full-time position.
DVDPro was formed when I began receiving phone orders and referrals for special format transfers.
It was instantly clear: Everyone benefits from video and audio archival and organization. DVD technology allows us
to enjoy our older items in a new way -- a way that will not deteriorate with each viewing. This is ideal for
saving movie film, videotapes, photos & slides, audio, and much more; enjoy family memories safely,
and keep all of those precious events organized in a compact amount of space.

Personal DVDs Are Fun, Entertaining & Practical
Nothing beats the convenience of selecting a personal DVD from your movie shelf, prepared just for your family!
DVD offers the security of knowing that these treasures will be safe for the future and can be easily enjoyed
at any time - without the hassle of old film projectors, expensive replacement bulbs, tape decks or outdated VCRs.
We at DVDPro have come to represent this overall convenience and satisfaction.
We've grown into a small team, archiving your family memories for current & future generations to experience.
We treat your possessions as if they were our own. Plus, all work is performed in our studio, so you can
rest assured that your prized possesions will not be lost during processing. We further add to this safety by
offering local pickup & delivery. We care a great deal about your special memories -- have them transferred today!
+ Local Pickup & Delivery Included - Call Today For A Quote!  10-5:30 EST
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