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Film Viewers / Slide & LCD Projectors
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Organize Your Media Prior To Transfer Or Give A Presentation!
  • Not sure what's on your film?
      Rent one of our 8mm Film Viewers (not a projector) to
      safely view your old movie film. This allows you to add
      titles/place each reel in the correct order prior to transfer.
  • We also offer 35mm Slide Projectors and Screens for you
      to view your slides. Projecting your slides on the wall
      makes it much easier to see what is worth transferring
      and what's not. We recommend selecting only your
      favorite film reels and slides for transfer.
  • Create an impressive presentation with use of our Projectors,
      BIG Screens, Players & VCRs ~ Make a reservation today!
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CD/DVD 5-Disc Duplicator    Betamax VCR    VHS VCR    MiniDV VCR    DVCAM VCR    8mm VCR
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